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cung chúc tân xuân~!

Figures Music

MeiFeng Liu - Shuraki

Happy New Year!

Postal Goodies

I’m part Vietnamese (the other being Thai/Chinese…) so I tend to associate the lunar new year as a Vietnamese custom rather than Chinese.
Anyway, yesterday I went down to the post office to pick up some goodies!

Shuraki box #2

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Megami Creates Moé!


Megami Magazine Creators


Megami Magazine Creators Vol.08

Ok, a short one~ Hopefully the next post will be a photo shoot~ ^^;
I collect Megami Magazine Creators, a spinoff from the normal monthly Megami Magazine which most of you already know is choc-a-block full of posters and articles on anime.
Megami Magazine Creators is similar, it still has those fappilicious pin-ups and comes with a large B2 poster, but primarily focuses on the artists themselves!

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