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The Lone Path 2nd


Volks’ Saber Alter 2nd ver

Time for another photoshoot!
I haven’t done one for a while, and I didn’t have that much time to do this in either, so apologies for not having that many photos ^^;
I’ve received my Saber Alter 2nd ver only recently, and I was dying to do another shoot with her :3

The Lone Path 2nd - Volks' Saber Alter 2nd ver
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Petite Post – Doll Market


The free table

Went to the Doll Market in Ivanhoe with Rinka, Nazae and Mr.From, all of whom are Dollfie Dream owners.
We were the first to put up Dollfies on the free table (there were two others reserved for doll communities)
Wondering what the Doll Market is? It’s a small market where doll enthusiasts gather to buy, sell, talk and generally have a good time.
Just a note tho, the market isn’t just for Dollfies, but all sorts of dolls.

Petite Post - Doll Market
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Elementary my dear


Elementary my dear

Greetings & Salutations!

This is Rinka here, Nice to meet you all!~
I’ll be a new co-writer here on!

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Happy Valentines~

Events Figures



Managed to get my girls some gifts in my busy schedule ^^;

Hope they like to share the bear too lol.

I thought about getting them cake, but I think I’ve been feeding them too much of it (in other words, I think I’ve been having too much cake…)

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OzAnimart Dollfie Trip



Dollfie Dream mini-gather

Today was quite eventful :D
A few friends decided to bring their dollfies along to mingle with each other, naturally I decided to let one of mine come along too. The location? OzAnimart, a lil anime store in Melbourne Australia.
Evelyn has visited OzAnimart before, so I guess it’s Arturia’s turn to socialise.

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