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Supanova 2011


Supanova - Pop Culture Expo

mini photo report

For those who don’t know, Supanova is a pop culture expo held across Terra Australis. Last weekend was Melbourne’s turn to hold the event.

I managed to take a few photos here and there, I was mainly busy with events and helping out OzAnimart.

Of notable mention, Yuko Miyamura (Asuka of Evangelion) and Tiffany Grant (Asuka of Evangelion… in English) were in attendance. One of the highlights was getting signatures from them on various merchandise. They both held a Q&A session too, and Miyamura-san even performed a line from Asuka as she fought the mass production Eva circling over Unit 2. No photos of them tho, apparently not allowed to take photos with them ;_;

Anyway, below are some random photos, I’ll be uploading a photoshoot right after, which is not exactly the sort of photoshoots I normally do…

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Happy Valentines~

Events Figures



Managed to get my girls some gifts in my busy schedule ^^;

Hope they like to share the bear too lol.

I thought about getting them cake, but I think I’ve been feeding them too much of it (in other words, I think I’ve been having too much cake…)

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OzAnimart Dollfie Trip



Dollfie Dream mini-gather

Today was quite eventful :D
A few friends decided to bring their dollfies along to mingle with each other, naturally I decided to let one of mine come along too. The location? OzAnimart, a lil anime store in Melbourne Australia.
Evelyn has visited OzAnimart before, so I guess it’s Arturia’s turn to socialise.

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Steppes of War

Events Figures Photoshoots

Saori & Arturia ready for war

Reload! Reload!

22nd January was the date for @Can (Atcon), a small convention in Melbourne, Australia.
That was also the date my friends, Rinka and Maroon Beret, accompanied me in our S2 Café butler outfits. Our goal: to have a dollfie photoshoot!

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