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Petite Hearts

Hearts everywhere!

Yummy Hearts

I got heart shaped biscuits from a friend (nothing going on…I don’t think) that taste delicious~ :P
They’re so cute I decided to save them to take home and take a photo with Maya (Pure Neemo) XD

Maya's Hearts


Dress Up!

Figures Photoshoots

Azone ToHeart2 Dollfie Clothes

ToHeart2 Dollfie Cosplay

A while ago Danny Choo hosted the Miss Dollfie Summer 2009 event, and he has managed to secure some items as prizes too. One of which was the ToHeart2 clothes set by Azone courtesy of Hobby Link Japan.
Today we’ll be seeing Evelyn and Arturia as they try on some clothes they’ve never been in with the help of each other :3

Azone ToHeart2 Dollfie Clothes

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