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Panzerkampfwagen II

Figures Photoshoots

Panzer II Ausf. F

German Armour

Hey look, Moé Idolatry actually updated :O
Today, it’s a short post on two figure I just got in that I *HAVE* to show.

Some of you may know (or not…), I’m a huge fan of Mecha Musume, particularly Shimada Fumikane’s (or Humikane) work.

So when I heard about these two I instantly pre-ordered ^^;

So, here’s the two Panzerkamfwagen II (20mm armament) Ausf. F – Sd.Kfz 121

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Elementary my dear


Elementary my dear

Greetings & Salutations!

This is Rinka here, Nice to meet you all!~
I’ll be a new co-writer here on!

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Happy Valentines~

Events Figures



Managed to get my girls some gifts in my busy schedule ^^;

Hope they like to share the bear too lol.

I thought about getting them cake, but I think I’ve been feeding them too much of it (in other words, I think I’ve been having too much cake…)

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OzAnimart Dollfie Trip



Dollfie Dream mini-gather

Today was quite eventful :D
A few friends decided to bring their dollfies along to mingle with each other, naturally I decided to let one of mine come along too. The location? OzAnimart, a lil anime store in Melbourne Australia.
Evelyn has visited OzAnimart before, so I guess it’s Arturia’s turn to socialise.

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