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Panzerkampfwagen II

Figures Photoshoots

Panzer II Ausf. F

German Armour

Hey look, Moé Idolatry actually updated :O
Today, it’s a short post on two figure I just got in that I *HAVE* to show.

Some of you may know (or not…), I’m a huge fan of Mecha Musume, particularly Shimada Fumikane’s (or Humikane) work.

So when I heard about these two I instantly pre-ordered ^^;

So, here’s the two Panzerkamfwagen II (20mm armament) Ausf. F – Sd.Kfz 121

May as well start with wallpapers, the next three are at 1920×1080

Panzer II Ausf. FPanzer II Ausf. F Europe CampaignPanzer II Ausf. F Afrika CampaignPanzer II Ausf. FPanzer II Ausf. F

Bonus! Here’s a custom weathered Stug III Ausf A Mecha Musume trading figure.

Stug III Ausf. A

Here’s some specs :P
1/10 Scale PVC
Comes with interchangeable legs (mecha type and normal type)
Interchangeable right arm (up position and down position)
Hats are magnetically attached.
Photos showing mecha legs and switched heads.


5 Responses

  1. Schnell! Herr Kyunik! Machen Sie eine neue aktualisierung

  2. I recently got hooked to figures and such items…

    Damn, my wallet is crying hard…:D
    feal87 recently posted..Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai – Sena playing dating sims?!

  3. Sooner or later, you’re spending will be dictated by the amount of shelf space you have, and not the amount of funds you have :P

  4. Agreed, its the same with mangas. I started hard with many buys and then slowed down as the space started to lack…:D
    feal87 recently posted..Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai – Sena playing dating sims?!

  5. I fooled myself and went in from a fellow blogger’s blogroll feed seeing the title’s post (since I am a WWII fan); should have noticed the title of the blog XD

    I am not big into mecha musume, but those that are fused with military vehicles I see do retain some of the traits. In the tank girls it’s usually the gun and the gun mantlet that is easily identifiable.

    I like how they keep things pretty faithful to history there – including the colour schemes i.e. early Feldgrau and DAK desert tan!
    Q recently posted..Something New

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