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Welcome to…

My desk!

Before I continue, Danny Choo has been generous enough to hold a competition. The goal is to upload your desk area, the criteria to win is… who knows?

For any of you who are curious enough to wonder what my work area looks like, wonder no further!

Behold! The Madness of Moé!

The moé madness

UPDATE: Thanks to Danny Choo! Seems like I came runner up!


10 Responses

  1. OMG, I never saw a picture of your room before. o.0 It looks like a puzzle to me. I can imagine you placed your figures on the desk for the photo, but your wall and ceiling are always decorated by the posters. Nice!

    The photo is truely amazing, looks really otaku. I like it.

    Hirvines last blog ([site]) post – Nanoha Nendoroids spotted

  2. Yo Aya, congrats for winning. Now use your prize money to buy better furniture & get your figures out of your moe favela.

  3. Oh wow… My first reaction at seeing that picture on DannyChoo was basically “is there ANY wall space left uncovered in this guy’s room?” and then I started scrolling down…. and about the time I saw Yuki and Saber the gears started to turn.
    “Waaaaiiit….I’ve seen this before” lol.

    Nice job!!

  4. Nice desk!!!!!!
    Just wow!!!!
    I see posters on the ceiling…

    Rins last blog ([site]) post – Anime North 2009 Loot

  5. Congrats on coming runners up.
    I think your room should of been the winner. :P

    The posters on the ceiling makes the room look so good!

    Tims last blog ([site]) post – Finished more drawings

  6. And that’s not EVERYTHING he has, yet. (Evil grin)

    Too bad I don’t qualify for the Dannychoo competition. Too much macho, not enough moe. That’s what I get for having an 80/20 ratio of military and mecha to moe figures…

  7. Speaking of which, Aya–how’s the 1/3 M14 going along? I’m actually wondering if it should go to Saber or Yuki/Evelyn. A pair of 1/3 Glocks would probably fit Evelyn more…

    That, and I realize that some shops sell what look to be 1/3 scale electric guitars, but I can’t be certain. Cost anywhere from AU$40-60, though, so they’re not cheap.

  8. seems like you are running out of space to put posters ^^. Congrats on the win ^^

    valhos last blog ([site]) post – Merging blogs….

  9. Thanks guys! XD

    I’m still reeling over the fact that I actually won something lol!

    Just a shame that I don’t have much time to devote to this site like I used to, curse you uni work!!

  10. So many posters and figures,
    and this may be late but congrats.
    baka0001 recently posted..New Years but……

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