The photogenic idolisation of pixel, plastic and nonsense 

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Return of the King

Figures Photoshoots

Saber Alter - Fate/hollow ataraxia

Dollfie Dream II – Saber Alter

Arturia Pendragon

キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!!
Here she is, the Volks’ Dollfie Dream II Saber Alter.
It’s been a long few months agonising about her. I even had a bloody dream about her @_@; If that’s not an unhealthy obsession, I don’t know what is. I had to wait a day to take these photos because I needed natural sunlight, and even then, the photos are quite messy. So I tried hiding it with my trusty photoshop >.>

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Best lì xì ever

Nani nani?

Happy Chinese New Year

Package is here!

Remember that mysterious bag? It’s finally arrived into my hands :3
Unfortunately I only noticed this cardboard box package at night, no one told me they brought the package in from the delivery man >.> That means I can’t get good photos.

So for now, all I can say is this is the best package I’ve recieved on a Chinese New Year :3
More photos tomolo when I have daylight…

Happy New Year! from Evelyn

Lì xì is what the Vietnamese call the red envelope tradition. Since I’m half Vietnamese I thought it was appropriate :3


It is a Mystery!


Nani nani?

Mysterious Bag

What could it be?

I’ve recieved news today, a friend of mine (who is now my god and hierophant of moé) has sent me some disturbing news:

A ticket??
A ticket you ask?

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Maiden Delights

Figures Photoshoots

Rider & Rin - Fate

Fate/Hollow Ataraxia

Rin & Rider

Hiyo, time for another photo shoot! Today we’re going to see lovely Rider and cheery Rin.

These photos ahead were taken at the Westin Hotel Melbourne. Some of you may remember the delicious Lucy photo shoot which was also taken there. I was at Westin Hotel again to see off a friend of mine going back overseas to his home country.

Now, before I get an email saying that they find the photos offensive, Westin Hotel is a gorgeous place, the staff were always polite, and the food there at the cafe was very tasty, so much so that I felt guilty even digging into it since it looked very pristine. I hope that’s enough sucking up to them >.> (but I really did enjoy it!)

Before I go on, I’m going to step back a little on the text, so less boring rambles of lil me.

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Photos taken down!?



Meg & Ymir

Photos taken down

Yesterday I received a fairly harsh email from, the organisation responsible for The Shrine of Remembrance. First thing it said was that they viewed the photos of Ymir and Meg with extreme displeasure. “Ok” I thought, but I read on and it appears I don’t have permission to post these photos without written consent…

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