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Happy Birthday 秋月律子さん!!


Happy Birthday Ritsuko!

iM@S Birthdays


Happy Birthday Ritsuko Akizuki! :)

That does look nice~

Also, a small notice. I apologise about the lack of updates, uni is killing me with all sorts of assessments. I do have a photo shoot to process to show you guys, I hope it turns out well!
I’ve also recently finished upgrading to a new PC, the last part needed was a video card which was purchased a few days ago. What this meant was I had to format for the new PC which took a bit of time to configure. I’ll be busy for a few more weeks to come ;_; so once again I apologise. Look forward to the next photo shoot!


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  1. Happy birthday!!!!!

    Hope things don’t get too out of hand dude, and thanks again for Miku, Acme Iku made me lol.

  2. Happy Birthday Ritsuko! *plays Mahou wo Kakete! non-stop*

    Good luck with university and pc stuff. :D

    Snacks’s last blog post..Alter’s 1/7 Hayate Yagami from Nanoha StrikerS revealed!

  3. Ah, gotta love that fresh new computer parts smell…
    I’m on my 3rd custom built box myself, and it’s 1 year old this month. I know what you mean about taking a while to get everything back up to speed after a clean wipe!

    And you gotta love college right? lol
    (I’m taking 3 summer classes right now so I can make time for Japanese in the fall…I feel your pain)

    Oh and btw, what graphics card did you get?

    Hmmm so if the iM@S game came out originally in July 2005 and she was 18 then, then technically she’d be 21 now! Drinking age, kanpai!

  4. @Rinka, no problem :3

    @Snacks, thanks for the luck XD

    @Sagara, ugh, I got so much to do lol, and I decided to pamper myself and get a GTX 280. I did spend like a month just figuring out my options tho, in the end I decided to be faithful to nVidia, the bad experiences with ATi kinda influenced my judgement… but I am curious on their new card coming soon~ :3

  5. ….


    A GTX 280?!?! Do you mean the $600 (current day) holy grail of graphics cards!?!? Wooowww….

    Somehow this makes me think of TMoHS when Haruhi acquires the best computer out of the computer club and then wonders what to do with it…lol. The only thing I could think of aside from Crysis that’d use all that power would be video editing. But hey, have fun!

  6. lol, even Crysis pushes the system to it’s limits….

    But it’s finally fun to play games at +60FPS :3

  7. ~D: Sounds delicious

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