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Move over SecondLife

ai sp@ce

Ok, I may be slow, and this may be plastered everywhere in the English speaking community, but give me a break, I’m up to my ears in work @___@;

Oh god!

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Japan Package #4

Misc Music

Oh noes! My money!

Anti-wallet express

Goodies from Japan

I managed to squeeze some time to actually do a proper post. Long story short, I’m bogged down with work, uni work and sick family members >.<

So, this package was actually received on the 28th of last month and I didn’t had time to update on the day =/


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Site change!


Boy Love

New site focus!


Today I’ve taken an interest in the area of B.L.!
For those who may not know, B.L. and similar perversions will now be featured on this site as the main meal~
So strap yourself down and get ready to receive some hard points of this new fanaticism! :3

Manly sexiness

EDIT: After careful analysis, it seems like my interest was in the wrong hole. The site has had a change back to what it was, I’m sorry if I failed to measure up to any of the readers’ expectations. :P

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