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Late Valentines

Singles awareness day…

Happy late Valentines!

I know I’m late, but that’s what I do best :3
For those lucky couples, Valentines is a great day to spend together, whether it be to have a nice picnic, go out for a shopping spree, watch a movie, go to the beach or just cuddle up in bed.

For those unlucky enough (either by choice or not) to not have a partner, Valentines can be just another day, a day of roneryness, a day of envy or just a reflection of just how messed up your love life has been XD

Today I have a few important announcements, so read on if you want to be entertained~

Ok, onto business:

Super important notice

I am single

The REAL super important notice

lol, sorry, here’s the real announcement:
I’ve started uni, meaning most of my time will have to be devoted to it. This WILL have an impact on how much I update, I know I don’t update a lot anyway, so this may make my blog somewhat stale ;_;

I will try my best to get photo shoots done during my midday breaks and weekends/holidays. Perhaps I could even incorporate some of it into my uni work, who knows?

Apologies in advance for my slow updates ;_;

Problem figures

Ok, I has a problem!
Today I found out that my Max Factory Tsuruya has a problem from HLJ, seems like they have misplaced her or something…
This can mean just a simple delay for me, or it could mean that I’ll have to find another source for Tsuruya-san ;_;

Hopefully it won’t be much of a problem, since right now my net is capped (slowed down because of download limits) AND I’ve had to wait for my new debit card (last one expired) which means a few days without being able to access my account statistics (I NEED TO KNOW HOW MUCH MONEY I HAVE!!!). Oh well…

And now a lil thought about Valentines day, isn’t it sad that my only valentines is Evelyn:
Evelyn trying to cheer me up~

Which reminds me, I’m still shopping around for clothes for Evelyn, I think she’s getting tired of being called Yuki by everyone lol


11 Responses

  1. haha your internet always getting capped, you download too much H!

    hmm sad to hear about the HLJ issue, but I’m sure you can find tsuruya somewhere. :D

    and happy (belated) valentine!

    ron~’s last blog post..Play-Asia Year of Rat Big Sale

  2. It’s real sad to hear about your HobbyLink order. I hope you could get it.
    Happy VDay!!!

    Rin’s last blog post..A Hime Appears!!!

  3. @ron~, lol, this time it wasn’t H, it was documentaries @_@;

    @Rin, I hope so too @_@;

  4. What’s your major?

    super rats’s last blog post..Tsuruya on Valentine’s Day

  5. ron… aya is lying
    it is H
    I can ensure you that!
    congrats on getting to uni
    where ya studying mate?

  6. @super rats, animation, I’m from a graphic pre-press area so this is something pretty new to me~

    @Kirakun, I didn’t say I didn’t get ANY H lol.

  7. Happy Valentine’s Day :)

    TaiPoh’s last blog post..Bucketload of Yotsuba 3

  8. Haha…
    so where abouts are you studying this time?

  9. @Kirakun – Qantm near Flagstaff station~

  10. oh god.. I forgot where’s there…

    P.S. My shana in the sexy candy bikini and C.C. is on the way.

    P.S.S. I didn’t know Live For You has animation and i didn’t get to preorder -_-

    P.S.S.S. Do you know I am broke?

  11. Don’t be sad, sing with me & you’ll feel better.
    de de de dede dum dedadi de de dum.
    pi pi pi pipong pipi pi pi pong

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