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New year, New look




New Theme

Okies, I got most of the kinks out so that this new theme is workable now.
The theme is a modified version of a modified version of Illacrimo (yes, it’s a mod of a mod of a theme)
You can find the original at DesignDisease’s homepage.
The original modification work was by

It’s been a pleasure to work with Tarski theme but I feel like I need a change.
I recommend Tarski for those who love the simple elegant look :3

Sorry for any disruptions over the past 24 or so hours of testing, but please enjoy the new look :3

If you have any feedback, or bug reports, feel free to leave a comment for me to chew up.


13 Responses

  1. Lovely template :)
    Two column side menu looks nice. Great work!

    lu-k’s last blog post..Fire in her Eyes

  2. @lu-k, thanks~ I like the two column desgin as well XD

    @ron~, took me a while to get it just right @____@

  3. Woah, sweet look, didn’t have any disruptions or whatever over the past 24 hours, but I’m sure if anyone did experience it, it’ll all be forgiven after seeing this sweet new setup =)

  4. XD

    Thanks shino, I kept changing between themes while I worked on this one to try and keep the “downtime” minimal…dunno if it worked but oh well XD

  5. I really like the new look of your blog. Reminds me of moetron’s new layout which uses the same template. Maybe I should get a new theme.

    Honya’s last blog post..趣味について

  6. Oh, didn’t even know moetron was using the same base theme, although they didn’t modify it too much~

    I’m not so sure about blogspot and how it impliments themes, so I can’t really help with any suggestions =/

  7. Whoa, nice. Three-column, relaxing colors, and to cap it off, your post’s header picture is of Hoshino Yumemi <3

    Zeroblade’s last blog post..MaxFactory Fauna

  8. hum very blueish XD

    Belela-san’s last blog post..Rulilura Izlha new figure

  9. @Zeroblade, thanks, the header is random and changes, there’s one of Yumemi too :3

    @Belela-san, I take it that it’s a good thing? XD

  10. I likey blue!
    Nicely done there mate…
    Hey what’s that small picture…
    I want to put Kira!!!

    *Misses disposing you in Gundam Seed PS2…*

  11. The little icon is your gravatar if you have one, you can register one at, just use the same email there as here and you’re fine.

    And I also miss slashing you with Sword Impulse, beaming you with Akatsuki Shiranui, slash-beaming you with Infinite Justice, whipping you with Gouf Ignited, poking you with Hi-mobility Ginn AND BLOWING YOU UP WITH STARGAZER!!

  12. yea the pastel color combination is pretty nice. I also like the whole leaves blending thing. Nice touch

    suneo’s last blog post..[figures] Griffon Enterprises Cold Cast 1/6 Queen’s Blade Reina

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