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Domain Update!


Updates!? :D


Domain Change

Okies, I just managed to grab as my new domain!
What effect does this have? Not much other than the easier to remember URL, but if you have any feeds or direct links to posts or any pages (images are fine), you’ll need to change that, this means you bloggers out there, time to update your blogroll/feeds!

Other than that, you can still access this site via but I don’t really recommend it, unless you like Chuugoku apologising ^^;
If you spot anything strange, just leave a comment and I’ll get to it ASAP!


5 Responses

  1. grats for the new domain :D

    ron~’s last blog post: 1st Dakimakura Review, Yoko by Cospa

  2. Why don’t you kick off the new domain with something explosive? Something starting with the letter “J” perhaps?

  3. Explosive? Hmmm…

    A Marathon Cast Off photo shoot?

    I can provide the “Cast Off” sound effects. :D

  4. grats on the new domain =D

    Choo’s last blog post: Kanon becomes reality!

  5. Keep on blogging!

    Hangmen’s last blog post: $725000000 BIPEDAL JOYRIDE

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