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Avatar Issues


Hiccup in the system



Ack, I didn’t realise but the change of URL has kinda buggered up my avatar system =/
While it doesn’t really affect much, right now all the avatars are up for grabs once again, that means anyone who’s already registered one before the domain change, should re-register theirs, unless they don’t mind someone else having the same avatar ^^;; So if you do re-register, the old avatar will be unavailable for anyone, thus securing your “uniqueness”

Now if you don’t really mind, then it’s ok, carry on :3


3 Responses

  1. garr!!

  2. hm…how do I change my avatar again? I noticed mine has changed back to default again from blue haired girl lol

    suneo’s last blog post..[figures] hmm new Yamashita Shunya busts?

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