The photogenic idolisation of pixel, plastic and nonsense 

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New look!

Brand new coat of paint

Just updated the look of the blog :D

The old look is below~

New Look!

I’ll miss the old look, but oh well, you can’t stop progress~ :P


The Lone Path 2nd


Volks’ Saber Alter 2nd ver

Time for another photoshoot!
I haven’t done one for a while, and I didn’t have that much time to do this in either, so apologies for not having that many photos ^^;
I’ve received my Saber Alter 2nd ver only recently, and I was dying to do another shoot with her :3

The Lone Path 2nd - Volks' Saber Alter 2nd ver
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Petite Post – Doll Market


The free table

Went to the Doll Market in Ivanhoe with Rinka, Nazae and Mr.From, all of whom are Dollfie Dream owners.
We were the first to put up Dollfies on the free table (there were two others reserved for doll communities)
Wondering what the Doll Market is? It’s a small market where doll enthusiasts gather to buy, sell, talk and generally have a good time.
Just a note tho, the market isn’t just for Dollfies, but all sorts of dolls.

Petite Post - Doll Market
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Kitty Birthday (18+)


Kitty Birthday

Cat and Chair

Oh look, my birthday.
Oh hey, here kitty kitty kitty~

Decided to open this figure up on my birthday, as a little gift from my past self.
Aya sure knows what I love most, kemonomimi~
Here’s a couple of photos of the Cat and Chair figure from Neko no Wakusei
The original has clothes on, but hey, it’s a cast off type!

This will be a short one, I’m lazy.

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